Our Vision Statement

Episcopal ShieldSt. Thomas Episcopal Church is a faith community that expresses our love and relationship with Jesus Christ within our church and in the world. We gather to grow more deeply in our faith, to share God's word in Holy Scripture, to love more deeply in our families and communities, and to make a difference in our world to the glory of God.

To that end, St. Thomas offers a variety of ministries and encourages all members to participate in any way they can. We strive to be good stewards of all the gifts we are given. We form ourselves in the love of Jesus Christ by providing educational opportunities for all ages, with special attention to our youth and young adults. We are actively building outreach ministries to serve those in need. We welcome everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, economic background or sexual orientation. We are committed to transforming and growing our community to be a balanced and holy place.

We will live into this vision and recognize that we do all things with God's help and to God's glory.

About Our Emblem

Our logo is of St. Thomas the Apostle, who worked as a carpenter. It includes a carpenter's square and spear, the instrument of his martyrdom. The three grindstones above his shield are for our location in Berea, onetime "grindstone capital of the world" (because of its quarries, which were the foundation of the town's economy during the latter 19th century). Berea is now known as a center for education, business and light manufacturing. (Read more about the history of Berea)