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On behalf of all of the wonderful Christians who are part of our faith community, thank you so much for visiting our Internet home! We encourage you to visit the various areas of the site to learn more about what we have to offer.

At St. Thomas, we do our utmost to provide gracious hospitality to all we encounter, both within the doors of our lovely church and outside in the world at large. Our aim at St. Thomas is stated clearly in our Vision Statement, and we urge you to click on the appropriate link here to learn what we strive to be about.

Our charming parish church has been serving Berea and the Southwest portion of Cuyahoga County, Ohio (the Cleveland area) since 1893 in this location, and for many years before that in others.  We are nestled in the midst of the beautiful Baldwin-Wallace college campus and just one block from the quaint downtown historic district of Berea.

We cordially invite you to come and worship with us next time you are in the area! We very much look forward to personally greeting you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and introducing you to our active and growing community of believers at St. Thomas Episcopal Church!

Yours in Christ,

St. Thomas Episcopal Church

Saturday Service:

  • 05:30 pm - Contemporary Eucharist

Sunday Services:

  • 08:00 am - Holy Eucharist Rite I
  • 09:30 am - Family Friendly Service
  • 10:30 am - Holy Eucharist Rite II
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Daily Lenten Reflection

March 3, 2015

Where is the Lord … who led us in the wilderness, in a land of deserts and pits, in a land of drought and deep darkness, in a land …where no one lives?
Jeremiah 2:6

By now we are well into Lent, and maybe it hasn’t been everything you’d hoped for. Perhaps you started out your desert journey with high hopes, eager to meet God in the wilderness. At first the hike was invigorating but zigzagging around all these pits has made you lose your sense of direction. The barren landscape that seemed so clean and stripped down now just seems lonely and empty. The heat is starting to get to you. There don’t seem to be as many wells on the way as you had expected. Your canteen’s empty.  It’s getting dark.

Many years ago I moved from a land of mountains and forests to a flat drought-stricken landscape with only corn as far as the eye could see. “God,” I sighed. “Help me to see this place as beautiful.” And little by little, He did. All it took was looking around with fresh eyes.

It’s the same with our spiritual deserts. If we look around with expectations of mountains and forests, we’ll miss the life that is swarming all around us. The Negev Desert where Jesus retreated for time with God is one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world, ranging from Sahara-type sandy desert to rocky terrain dotted with low-moisture plants teeming with dozens of species of birds and animals. You’re not alone in the desert. There is plentiful life here. It is just well camouflaged. There is even plenty of water. You just have to dig for it. God is here. You just need to look with fresh eyes.

The Rev. Julie Blake Fisher, Rector
Christ Episcopal Church of Kent

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